Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Naturally powered by plant extracts, this toilet bowl cleaner removes stubborn stains and deodorizes as it cleans. It’s thick, so it clings to the surface for effective cleaning. Safe for septic tanks and waterways.

TIP: We recommend a pumice stone for removing toilet bowl ring. Nothing does a better job on it.

Powerful clinging gel in a non-abrasive, thick formula removes dirt and grime while destroying germs, without bleach, to make your porcelain toilet bowl look shiny and new.

How To Use

1. Use this bulk sized cleaner to refill your every day squeeze bottle.
2. Squirt along the toilet bowl rim.
3. Scrub and flush.
For stubborn stains, let sit for 10 minutes. Test first in an inconspicuous area.
Purified Water, Citric Acid (Plant-Derived Descaling and Buffering Agent), Lauryl Glucoside (Plant-Derived Cleaning Agent), Sodium Hydroxide (Mineral-Based Buffering Agent), Sodium Citrate (Plant-Derived Buffering Agent), Xanthan Gum (Plant-Derived Thickening Agent), Bergamot, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus Fragrance {Limonene}, Pink and Aquamarine Dye (Non-Staining Dye).
Ingredients - How They Work
Purified Water Solvent 7732-18-5
Citric Acid Plant-Derived Descaling and Buffering Agent 77-92-9
Lauryl Glucoside Plant-Derived Cleaning Agent 110615-47-9
Sodium Hydroxide Mineral-Based Buffering Agent 1310-73
Sodium Citrate Plant-Derived Buffering Agent 6132-04-3
Xanthan Gum Plant-Derived Thickener 11138-66-2
Bergamot, Rosemary & Eucalyptus Fragrance {Limonene} Natural fragrance meeting IFRA standards; see Proprietary
Pink & Aquamarine Dye Non-Staining Dye Proprietary
Boulder Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner SDS. Ingredients may include those found at
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