1908 Brands Customer Data and Privacy Policy

1908 Brands collects customer data for direct sales and marketing purposes only. Data is collected through email newsletter sign-up using a double-opt-in method, through customer service inquiries and through direct sales with customers.

All information is safely stored using a number of best practices listed below.

1908 Brands only uses a client’s or customer’s data for internal sales and marketing efforts and does not share customer or client information with third parties.

1908 Brands databases are protected in the following ways with the help of CarbonLogic:

1. All 1908 sites run Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all communication with end users, nothing is sent unencrypted.

2. All 1908 sites have a Sucuri Web Application Firewall which blocks all DoS/DDoS attacks and filters malicious/hacker traffic before it even hits the webservers. This is probably the best security feature we offer and does a ton to protect customer data.

3. All 1908 sites have a Sucuri Server Side Scanner installed that scans all files on all websites every 6 hours to look for potential malware/viruses or modified files in the file structure.

4. CarbonLogic updates your WordPress Core and WordPress Plugins once a month to ensure you’re running the most secure software available.

5. Sites run the most secure versions of Apache, PHP and Mysql and are updated on a weekly basis.

6. All servers, websites and databases are imaged nightly and for quick restore in the event of a hacked site.

7. Server runs IPtables firewalls and custom DDoS security software to prevent malicious access to the servers themselves.

8. Servers are housed at Tier 2 datacenters that are fully HIPAA, SOC2/SOC3 compliant and provide many levels of physical security and are staffed 24x7x365.

We take customer data security very seriously and take exhaustive steps to ensure data breaches don’t happen.

All customers have option to decide how their data can be used. Please contact 1908 Brands with questions or concerns at 720.204.3042 or info@1908brands.com.