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Where can I purchase your products?

Please check out our store locator

I would like to become a new dealer of yours.

Shoot us an email at sales@1908brands.com

I own a business and want to carry your products. Can I order wholesale?

Shoot us an email at sales@1908brands.com

Can you send me some coupons?

I’m very sorry, but we are not able to honor your request for coupons or donated products.  Please note that our retail partners have special promotions for our products from time to time and may offer discounts/coupons. If you sign up for our brands newsletters, we also offer exclusive promotions.

We would like to ask for a charitable donation for our non-profit organization.

1908 Brands is a 1% for the Planet company. We were founded on a promise to protect our home, the world we all share, so rather than donating to individual charities, we've made a commitment to support local and national nonprofits on a similar mission to protect, preserve, and conserve our land. We donate the equivalent of 1% of sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind, and volunteer contributions to these partners.

What is Prop 65 and are your products compliant?

Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is a California law formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, which was enacted in 1986. It is a right-to-know law requiring the public to be informed when a substance on the Prop 65 chemical list – known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm – is present above a very low threshold. The law is unique to California and is not a national standard related to health or safety. No other state has such a labeling regulation

1908 Brands products are sold  in retail stores across California, so we do take all necessary steps to comply with applicable safety and health requirements. In partnership with our sourcing and manufacturing partners, 1908 Brands tests the ingredients that go into each product, as well as finished products to ensure compliance with Prop 65. Our products all fall within FDA suggested guidelines for any/all of the chemicals listed on Proposition 65 and can be safely ingested.

About Boulder Clean

Are your products safe to use around pets and children?

Yes! We use plant-based cleaning agents to offer an impressive clean that is gentle on your home and will not harm your children or pets. None of our products contain harsh chemicals. That being said, our products are not meant to be ingested or to come into contact with eyes. If product is ingested, drink large amounts of water and contact a physician. If product comes into contact with eyes, flush with water immediately.

What does the US EPA Safer Choice label on your products mean?

Safer Choice is EPA’s label for safer chemical-based products. Every chemical, regardless of percentage, in a Safer Choice-labeled product is evaluated through EPA’s rigorous scientific process and only the safest ingredients are allowed. For over 15 years, the program has labeled products that are safer for families, pets, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the environment. The label represents leadership in safer product formulation.

The Safer Choice label empowers consumers to quickly identify and choose safer products benefits the environment and human health. When consumers see the Safer Choice label on a product, they can be confident they are protecting their families and the environment by making safer chemical choices.

Products that carry the Safer Choice label are safer for fish and other aquatic life, do not pollute air or waterways, and do not add harmful chemicals to the land.

In addition to meeting stringent safety criteria, every product with the Safer Choice label has met high standards for performance.

Also, all products that carry the Safer Choice label must meet other environment-conscious criteria, such as sustainable packaging requirements and restrictions on levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Do your products disinfect?

Our Disinfectant Cleaner disinfects and deodorizes while you clean. Formulated with botanically derived ingredients and essential oils, it eliminates over 99.9% of household germs. It's free from toxic chemicals and leaves a fresh lemon scent.

Are you products vegan?

Yes. None of our cleaners nor laundry products contain animal-based ingredients, and we absolutely do not test on animals.

Do you use synthetic fragrances?

No. We only use Safer Choice, plant-based fragrances and botanical oils.

Do you use artificial dye to color your products?

We use food-grade dye to color some of our products. But we also offer a line of dye-free surface cleaners.

Do your products expire?

Yes. All good things come to an end. Our products will work best within 3 years of purchase.

Are your products organic?

No. It is our long-term goal to make 100% certified USDA organic cleaners, but the technology and other raw material components do not currently exist to make an organic cleaner or detergent without sacrificing cleaning capabilities. We feel that our customers expect and deserve products that work, and we deliver that with the highest quality and safest products available on the market.

Are your products gluten-free?


Are your products safe for septic systems?

Yes! The individual ingredients in our formulas are biodegradable, septic safe and safe for gray water systems.

Where are you products made?

Our cleaning and laundry care products are made in the USA.

Do your laundry detergents work for all washing machines?

Yes! Follow the directions on the label for the amount of detergent to use for HE and standard machines.

Does your laundry detergent clean as well as other traditional cleaners?

Yes! Our detergents use Citri-Lift Stain Removal Technology that cuts through grease stains better than traditional cleaners. For those stubborn stains, we also offer an Oxi-Smart pre-treat spray.

Is the laundry detergent free from any form of formaldehyde?


How much laundry detergent should be used in regular vs. HE washing machines?

For regular machines, fill the cap to Line 2. For HE machines, fill the cap to Line 1.

I have lost the measuring cap for laundry detergent. How much liquid do you use per load?

1 oz per regular load and 2 oz per heavy load.

Is the cap from the 200 oz. (230 oz.) Laundry recyclable?

The cap is polypropylene and is rated a number 5 for the recycling code.

Is your bathroom cleaner safe for marble and granite?

No. Our Foaming Bathroom Cleaner should not be used on marble. Marble is very soft and very susceptible to damage from any type of acid product. Even spilling soda on marble can cause damage. Even though we use a very mild acid in our bathroom cleaner, it can still harm your marble. However, our bathroom cleaner IS safe for granite. For both marble and granite, try our Granite Stainless Cleaner. It has no acid and cleans, polishes, and protects stone.

What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)?

There's been a lot of concern about sodium lauryl sulfate, and its use in laundry detergent. At Boulder Clean we follow the scientific research that supports that it is a safe and effective ingredient to use in Laundry Detergent.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant that can have a variety of uses, but in laundry detergent, it is used to break water tension and attract dirt and grime away from the fabric during the wash cycle. We use SLS that is derived from coconut oil, a plant-derived surfactant.

Why are people concerned about its use?

There has been a lot of false information propagated about this ingredient over the years. Most of this information is not supported by the scientific community, with the exception of skin and eye irritation. While it is true that SLS in its raw form can be irritating to skin or eyes, when formulated properly and mixed with other ingredients, this risk can be decreased.

A reason for people are concerned about SLS or SLES has to do with contamination with the carcinogen, 1,4 dioxane. Boulder Clean Laundry Sheets do not use petroleum based ethoxylated surfactants which are commonly contaminated with this concerning chemical. Boulder Clean uses dioxane free, plant-derived SLS has an excellent environmental profile as its renewable carbon index is 100%. It's also biodegradable, and does not bioaccumulate in water or land.

What is Methylisothiazolinone?

Otherwise known as MIT, it is a preservative that keeps the various enzymes and surfactants from going bad. It is approved by the EPA Safer Choice program and is really the only known preservative that works. 

Do your products contain phthalates?

No. Phthalates are tiny particles that we are exposed to through our use of certain plastics which may result in endocrine disruption and other health effects. Our plastics do not contain phthalates.

Do your products contain bleach?

No. We prefer to not use bleach in our products, but it is safe to use bleach in combination with our products.

Do your products contain triclosan?


Do your products contain ethylene glycol butyl ether or EGBE?


Do your products contain casein?


Do your products contain ammonia?


Do your products contain dioxane?

Our laundry detergent contains a minute level of 1,4 dioxane. This is a by-product that occurs in the blending or development of SLES and is not an added ingredient. The raw material has a limit of 20 parts per million (think of a shot glass in an Olympic-sized swimming pool). OSHA set a limit of 100 parts 1,4 dioxane per 1 million parts of air (100 ppm) in the workplace. One bottle of our laundry detergent contains 1 ppm in the entire bottle and in dilution or wash is reduced to 4 parts per billion.

Do your products contain any genetically modified ingredients?

Yes. In some products, we are using GMO-derived cleaning agents. Currently, there aren't any channels dedicated to creating organic versions of all the ingredients we use. We are constantly looking to innovate and create the best products for you and our long-term goal is to eliminate any GMO-derived ingredients without compromising cleaning power.

Do any of your products use any corn products or corn derivatives at any point during the processing?

We do use surfactants derived from multiple plant derived sources, which could include corn.

Where can I find material safety data sheets?

SDS forms can be found on each of our product pages. Click to see 'Ingredients and How They Work' and you will find a link to the SDS sheet.

Our Cleaning Tablets

How do I create my cleaning solution?

Making your B-CLEAN product is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Fill your glass bottle with warm water about half way

2. Drop in the tablets 

3. Wait a few minutes for fizz to slow, then top off with more water

Reattach sprayer. You don't need to shake or stir the bottle--just start using the product!

Do the tablets ever expire or loose potency?

The tablets have a shelf life of over 2 years if the packet is left sealed, preventing any moisture to come in contact with the tablets. By using the refillable system you can lower your annual costs, carbon footprint, and overall plastic consumption.

Do I need to use hot water?

Using warm water will best minimize how long you need to wait to have a tablet dissolve. Using cold or hot water is also okay, but we would recommend warm water.

Do I need to shake the bottle for the tablets to dissolve?

No need to shake the bottle—the tablets will dissolve entirely with warm water. Simply drop the tablets in the bottle, fill it half way with warm water, and watch the tablets dissolve! Once the tablets have completely dissolved fill the bottle to the top and twist on the trigger.

Why is my sprayer is leaking?

When the effervescent tablets dissolve, they release CO2 into the bottle. This built-up pressure will try and escape by pushing liquid up through the dip tube and out the sprayer. If your sprayer is leaking, you’ll want to remove it and allow the built-up pressure to escape. Reattach the sprayer and see if that fixed the problem. Always make sure the tablets are completely dissolved before attaching your sprayer.

How long will one bottle last? How many refill packs do I need?

The solution in our bottles should last you a similar length of time as a traditional cleaning spray bottle. How long one-bottle-worth of solution lasts depends on how often you clean and how much you use, often dependent on the size of your home and family. If you need more help on identifying which products you should purchase, please provide more information and we'll do our very best to assist you! We hope to have you cleaning with us very soon!

Does the bottle have to be completely empty before refilling?

The bottle does not have to be completely empty before refilling, but it is recommended. Adding water into a bottle which already has some remaining product can lead to the generation of much foam, which will leave less room for the necessary water to dissolve and can lead to overflow of foam when the tablets are put into bottle. It is recommended to rinse out the bottle with warm water before refilling with water and new tablets.

How many times can I reuse the bottle?

The answer is limitless! Unless the bottle is damaged or broken you can continue to reuse the bottle for as long as desired.

Can I use a bottle I have at home?

A plastic bottle or glass bottle with trigger from your home can be used. However, size should be similar to that recommended for the tablet to ensure proper cleaning strength and performance. Also, it is important that the bottle be thoroughly rinsed of previous product, so that no unwanted chemical reactions occur - this is an important safety requirement.

Accounts & Subscriptions

How do I create my user account?

Creating a user account is simple! If you are new to the website and want to create an account you can do so by clicking on the account icon located on the right side of the menu bar, or by visiting https://1908brands.com/account/register. From there you’ll see options to create an account. Simply click the link for ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions from there.

Placed an order before creating an account? You can still create a user account and tie it to previously placed orders. All you need to do is sign up for an account using the same email address you used to place your order(s).

Why can't I access my user account?

Did you remember to activate your account? When initially signing up for a user account you will receive an email from us with a link to activate your account. Clicking the activation link will redirect you back to the website where you will be able to select your password and complete the registration process. Afterward, you will be able to log in to your account using your email and newly created password. From there you can review order history, shipping addresses, and manage your subscriptions if you have any.

Speaking of subscriptions, you will need to create a user account in order to manage your subscriptions within the customer portal. If you are purchasing subscription products for the first time and have not created an account previously, then you will receive an email invitation from us allowing you to create an account. This will register access to the customer portal and allow you to manage your subscription details from there.

How do I reset the password to my user account?

There are a couple of different ways to reset your user account password.

The simplest way to reset your password is to simply visit the login page and select the link for ‘Forgot your password?’. Enter the email address associated with your account and hit enter or click the button. We’ll send you an email with a new link to reset your password.

Alternatively, you can also reset your password via a direct request to our team. Please fill out the appropriate information on the contact page, or email us at info@1908brands.com if you need a quick response. After receiving your request we will send you a new email with a link to reset your password.

Will I automatically receive an account invite after checkout?

No, the standard checkout process does not include an option to create a user account. In the scenario, you will need to manually signup and register for a user account in order to access your order history, payment details, and subscription information.

Subscriptions customers who have not yet created an account will receive an email invite automatically after checkout. Complete the account creation process to register access to your subscriptions within the customer portal. Afterward, you will be able to log in to your user account and easily access/manage your subscription details from there.

How do I subscribe for recurring orders?

Recurring orders can be very convenient! All you need to do in order to sign up for a recurring order is complete checkout with auto-renew product variants in your cart.

If you haven’t already created a user account then we will send you an email invite automatically after you’ve completed the checkout process. Your subscription will renew every 30-days or 60-days depending on which option you selected at checkout. It’s important to create a user account so you can easily access your subscription settings at any time within the customer portal.

How do I access my subscription settings?

You must create a user account for our website in order to access subscription settings within the customer portal. However, you will receive email reminders before each recurring order containing a unique quick-access link to manage your subscription. These emails are considered transactional emails, which means you’ll receive them regardless of email preferences.

If you are unable to make changes to your subscription even after selecting the quick-access link, then you’ll need to go ahead and create a user account.

What changes can I make to my subscription?

You can personalize your subscription in a number of different ways. Using the customer portal you’ll be able to view and/or edit each of the following subscription details. Remember, you will first need to create a user account before you can access the customer portal to manage these details.

1. Delivery Schedule
2. Edit Shipping Address
3. Edit Upcoming Order Date
4. Edit Upcoming Order Quantity
5. Add Products to Subscription
6. Change Product Variants
7. Swap Products
8. Skip Shipment
9. Edit Order Frequency (ie. 30-days, 60-days, etc..)

Why can't I make changes to my subscription?

Did you create a user account for our store? If not, you will need to do so. This is what completes the registration process necessary to access and manage your subscription details.

Refer to the FAQ’s:
- How do I subscribe for recurring orders?
- How do I access my subscription settings?

When is my card charged for a subscription order?

Subscription orders will be charged on the scheduled shipment date. If you already have enough of the item(s) scheduled to ship, then please skip or cancel your order at least 1 day prior to the scheduled order date.

Do I need a user account to manage my subscriptions?

The simple answer is yes, but you should be able to access your subscription details using the quick-access links we provide in our email reminders before each recurring shipment. That being said, you may not be able to make changes directly to your subscription within the customer portal until after you’ve created a user account. Creating the user account completes the registration process and allows you to easily manage your subscription details directly on our website.

If I sign up for a subscription, will it renew automatically?

Yes, when purchasing a subscription product you’ll be given two choices at checkout for either a 30-day subscription or a 60-day subscription. However, you are able to customize subscription frequency within the customer portal after checkout. You are not locked into either of these options, but they make things simple to get started.

Will I be charged for canceling my subscription?

No, you will not be charged for canceling your subscription order(s). We do not require a minimum number of subscription payments after signing up. If the subscription service is not for you, then you can cancel carefree at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We get it! Recurring subscriptions aren’t right for everyone. If you would like to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time with no extra cost. Here are a few of the easiest ways to cancel or update your subscription.

1. First, you can always access your subscription settings by logging into your user account and accessing the customer portal by selecting the option to ‘Manage Subscriptions’. From within the customer portal, you can then review your active subscription details and decide which products to remove, or cancel the subscription altogether should you wish to do so.

2. Alternatively, you can access your subscription details via the quick-access links included in our transactional emails for subscription orders. This easy access link will take you directly to the customer portal where you should be able to view and/or edit your subscription details. There are some scenarios where customers have tried to access their subscription via this link without success. If that is the case, then the best thing to do is refer to the final recommendation listed below.

3. Still unable to update your subscription details? If so, then please reach out directly to our team at info@1908brands.com, and we will be happy to take care of any updates for you.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

How many Laundry Detergent Sheets do I use?

- For small loads please use 1/2 a sheet

- For normal loads use 1 sheet

- For extra-large loads or heavily soiled clothing, use 1 1/2 or 2 sheets

Do your sheets work in both top loading and front loaders?

Yes! Our sheets are specially formulated to have great performance in all laundry machines. For top loaders, put your clothes in first, then add the detergent sheet on top. For front loaders, put that sheet in first, then add your clothes last. Select preferred cycle and wash as normal. Always refer to garment care instructions.

Can these be used in HE washing machines?

Yes, our laundry sheets are HE compatible. We recommend putting them directly in the washing drum and then adding your clothes.

Can I use Laundry Detergent Sheets to hand wash laundry?

Absolutely! Simply dissolve sheet with water in a sink or basin – then add clothes. For best results, soak clothing 20 minutes before rinsing.

Do the sheets work in cold or hard water?

They do! We formulated them to dissolve in cold water and also work well in hard water.

Are your sheets gluten free?

Yes, our sheets are gluten free! Our sheets do include coconut oil derivatives. Please take care, if you are allergic to coconut oil or its components.

Are your sheets vegan?

They are not tested on animals and we do not use animal ingredients, making them cruelty free and Vegan friendly.

Are your sheets septic safe?

Yes. They will not harm your septic tank.

Is there fragrance in the free and clear version?

The Free & Clear detergent sheets do not contain any fragrance.

Are Laundry Detergent Sheets safe for all fabrics?

Sheets are safe to use on all washable fabrics. Always refer to garment care instructions.

What is the shelf life for Laundry Detergent Sheets?

They will start to lose their efficacy 2 years after the date of manufacturing which can be found on the back of the box.

Are these laundry sheets and their ingredients eco-friendly?

Non-toxicity is at the top of our list of criteria in the products we offer at Boulder Clean. But we don’t stop there. We value safety, transparency, sustainability, and social welfare. We create formulas that use plant-based ingredients and provide total transparency around exactly what’s in each product. We list all the ingredients in our products so that you can make the most informed choices for you and your household.

What is PVA?

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, PVOH, PVAL) is a biodegradable polymer that’s used as a binding agent, creating a detergent, neither liquid nor solid that keeps the laundry detergent sheets together.

Does Polyvinyl Alcohol contain microplastics?

PVA dissolves into a non-harmful monomer; it does not turn into a MicroPlastic. The scientific studies prove that the monomers eventually decompose into reusable nutrients over time. These non-toxic monomers are a whole lot better for our environment than the single-use plastics that wind up in our oceans and landfills.

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