Family Favorites

We went to the experts on all things 1908 Brands, the staff! Check out our favorite products and some insider tips and tricks to get the most out of your 1908 goods. Everyone picked their favorite thing out of our hundreds of products, it was not easy… but here’s the inside scoop.
My favorite is our Boulder Clean Laundry Detergent.  I love the fact it gets out all my stains and doesn’t leave any harmful residues on my clothes.  If you have a stain, just apply the laundry detergent right to the stain and it comes out.  Pro tip: it even gets blood off of hockey jerseys!
- Steve

“I love the Three Bears Blueberry Oat Cups, they’re not too sweet and perfectly filling.”


“I love all the Schultz’s Cooking Hot Sauces! We use at least one of the flavors every day! Our favorite is slow cooking pulled chicken in the Green Chili Lime and serving on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls! Even my two year requests hot sauce on his meals!”


I am a big fan of Schultz’s Spicy Original.  The Chipotle is a close second, but Spicy Original is a great all around sauce that goes great with anything anytime.  You can cook with it, dunk your food in it, drown your food in it, or just drink it.  Spicy Original is definitely my go to sauce, but any Schultz’s products are an easy way to make otherwise average meals great!”


Thrive Tribe Cacao Nib Bites! I love to take them as an energy source for hiking and camping trips and share with friends.
Food tastes best when it’s shared!
- Jana

“I LOVE the Boulder Clean Foaming Bath Cleaner.  It leaves porcelain sparkly clean and smells like a bottle of Lemon Lime soda exploded in my bathroom.  I like to rinse the porcelain with water after cleaning and it gives it a super shiny sheen.”


I’m a huge fan of the Thrive Tribe Bites. They’re a great snack for fueling up at the crag before a big climb or on the trail during a mountain adventure. The bites are nutritious, and really are delicious!”

– Matt

“I’m a little bit notorious for using Schultz’s Green Chili Lime on …EVERYTHING.  My fav is to put it on breakfast burritos and eggs in the morning but it’s also great on mac and cheese! I also swear by our Boulder Clean Fabric Softener, it helps to get all the dog hair off of clothes and blankets.”