Smoky Chipotle

Smoky Chipotle

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Smoky Chipotle

The Southwest has a proud tradition of creating bold flavors with the use of real food ingredients, especially fresh hot peppers. Mirroring that tradition, Schultz's has created our very own Chipotle Cooking Sauce and we did it the right way. How exactly? We took rich chipotle peppers and combined them with all real food ingredients to create that authentic Southwest smoky flavor, but still with enough heat to remind you what part of the country inspired this delicious chipotle sauce.

Bold. Rich. Smoky. Distinct Southwest flavors taken to places they’ve never been before. Chipotle peppers, tomatoes, vinegar, chopped garlic and spices deliver mouthwatering flavor and a smooth sweet, smoky heat. Simply add into chili and soups for depth of flavor, add to maple syrup to create a delectable glaze for chicken wings or mix into mac 'n' cheese - the options are truly endless!

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