Reusable Glass Cleaning Bottle - 16oz

Reusable Glass Cleaning Bottle - 16oz

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Reusable Glass Cleaning Bottle - 16oz

Switching from single-use, to reusable bottles is one of the simplest ways establish a sustainable cleaning routine and be environmentally conscious everyday. Our 16 ounce, lead-free glass bottle makes sprucing up all your surfaces easier than ever—simply refill again and again with our 16 ounce All-Purpose, Glass + Surface, Bathroom Refill Cleaning Tablets, or our bulk refills. This bottle is with you for the long haul—never again buy and toss another single-use plastic cleaning bottle!

Buy the bottles ONCE. Refill FOREVER. (All without the plastic waste.)

How To Use

1. Fill this 16 oz bottle, a little more than half way, with warm water.
2. Drop in tablets and wait about 5-10 minutes for fizz to slow.
3. Fill remainder of bottle and allow tablets to dissolve fully.
4. Re-attach spray cap.
5. Use cleaner as directed.

1. Fill this 16 oz bottle with cleaning solution from your 1 gallon bulk refill.
2. Use cleaner as directed.

Ingredients - How They Work
Boulder Clean Reusable Glass Cleaning Bottle - 16oz SDS. Ingredients may include those found at
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