Climbers Fueled by 1908 Brands

Fueled by Thrive Tribe snacks while they work, The Boulder Climbing community set out to replace chains, anchors and bolts along popular climbing routes. Each year they host a re-bolting workshop where new volunteers are paired with seasoned climbers. About a month later, teams of two ascend fixed lines to remove old bolts and replace them with new, stainless steel bolts. 2018 marks this the 6th annual event, where 34 volunteers successfully replaced 214 climbing bolts in one day! The previous record was 155 bolts in a day.

Boulder Climbing Community

About Boulder Climbing Community:

The Boulder Climbing Community, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organization that connects and supports climbers, climbing organizations, land managers, and businesses in the Boulder area, in order to protect and care for the climbing areas we love. They are currently planning next years event, which will take place sometime in the fall of 2019.


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