The Benefits of Eating Paleo The Benefits of Eating Paleo

The Benefits of Eating Paleo

The benefits of eating Paleo are similar to the benefits of eating healthier foods on any “diet plan”. The paleo diet is by no means a temporary diet — it’s meant to be a lifestyle. The average Paleo follower starts to see initial benefits like more energy in the first few days, and then after a few weeks other benefits like weight loss and a leaner physique. It may take your body several weeks to get used to this new way of eating, and to rid itself of its stored up chemicals and other a toxic substances that are built right into many of the foods that are so prevalent in our modern society. So give it a go for a month and then evaluate how you’re feeling and see if this lifestyle is for you.

Balances Blood Glucose Levels

Because you’re avoiding refined sugar it’s easier to avoid spikes in your blood glucose levels, and also helps you avoid feelings of fatigue you get from sugar crashes.

Leaner Muscles

Because this diet plan relies heavily on meat you’ll be getting a fair amount of protein to feed your muscles. Protein is very anabolic– this means the macronutrient is used for building new cells that contribute to increased muscle mass.  This helps to promote a leaner physique, and can even help with muscle growth if you engage in weightlifting while on it. 

Improve Your Body Makeup

You’re automatically cutting out wheat products, which gets rid of the gluten, so in essence you’re following a gluten-free diet at the same time. There is evidence that suggests that gluten is problematic for the digestive system and for weight gain, even for those that don’t have Celiac disease, or do not have a sensitivity to gluten. Cutting out these food items that have been shown to contribute to larger midsections and sluggish digestion, you immediately improve your body makeup and start to feel better all around.

Keeps You Feeling Fuller Longer

Most diets keep you in a constant state of hunger, but with a Paleo diet you’re focused on feeling full and feeling good, which means that it’s easier to follow, and has lower instances of diet crashes and cheating because you’re encouraged to eat when you feel hungry. It also contains a fair amount of healthy fats, helping you keep that full feeling and avoid food cravings. If you’re eating the right mix of proteins from meat, as well as vegetables that help you to feel full, and fruits that give just the right amount of fiber and carbohydrates, you’ll have no problem making it from meal to meal.

Possibly Prevent Diseases

Many individuals start their journey into Paleo as a way to control inflammation as a natural and effective means to improve their health. By following a Paleo diet you are automatically eating more anti-inflammatory foods and cutting out a lot of foods that are known to cause inflammation. You are also eating more foods that contain antioxidants and phytonutrients which are always making the news because of scientific evidence that points to them helping to ward off or battle back cancer, as well as prevent heart disease. You’re also naturally avoiding a lot of the culprits responsible for disease and illness, like fast food and junk food, so you get a more natural version of yourself and open the doors for healing and well-being.

Helps You Sleep Better

By cutting out the chemicals and additives in typical food sources you’ll find that your body naturally gets tired at night. This is because the serotonin that your brain releases as a signal that it’s time to sleep is not overridden by other chemicals from food. When you start to feel sleep you should sleep. You might find that you’re getting tired earlier at night, and that you feel energized and ready to wake up earlier in the morning. This is your body getting in tune with the circadian rhythm, just like prehistoric man was.

Gives You More Energy

When you combine Paleo-approved foods in the right way, you’re getting a well balanced meal with a protein, carb, and vegetable, and you’re getting it from all-natural sources. This is the way to feel more energized and at the top of your game without having to resort to energy drinks, caffeinated beverages, and other means to get you through the day. And unlike other diets that rely on a reduced amount of calories, the Paleo diet allows you to eat until you feel full, and also to eat whenever you feel hungry, so you don’t run the risk of running low on fuel when you really need it.

Provides Detoxing Effects

By stopping the intake of a lot of things that bring you down: trans fats, MSG, caffeine, refined sugar, gluten, and more, you’re giving your body a rest. By getting more antioxidants from the fruit you’ll be eating, and more phytonutrients and fiber from the vegetables you’ll be eating you’ll be purging your body of built-up waste and accumulation. Overall this provides a detoxifying effect to the body, and many Paleo followers report feeling lighter and more clear headed after several weeks. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t involve going to extremes like fasting or drinking nothing but juice, you get to eat meals like normal so it’s a very lazy detox.

Burn Fat

Healthy fats actually helping to burn fat, so it’s good to get your fair share of them each day. The Paleo plan makes them a big part of your day so that you don’t have to worry if you’re getting enough. These fats help you feel fuller for a longer time, which reduces food cravings and helps you stick to eating at meal time only. But remember if you feel hungry you can totally eat as long as you’re eating foods that are on the approved foods list.

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