Whole Smoked Turkey Whole Smoked Turkey

Whole Smoked Turkey

Are you ready to be the host with the most? This whole smoked turkey is the first step!

PREP: 1 Hour. | COOK: 3-5 Hours. | TOTAL: 4-6 Hours.






STEP 1: Soak mesquite wood chips for 30-45 minutes prior to lighting grill.

STEP 2: Coat turkey with ample amount of Schultz’s Gourmet Premium Seasoning & Rub (make sure rub gets under turkey skin and all sides are thoroughly covered).

STEP 3: Use your smoker or follow these directions for your Weber Grill. In the grill, make two small piles of briquettes on opposite side of the grill. Once charcoals have a thin layer of white ash on them, add your wood chips.

STEP 4: After the wood is smoking, place turkey in between charcoal piles on cooking grate.

STEP 5: Cook until center reaches 165°F. Enjoy!


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