Whole Smoked Chicken Whole Smoked Chicken

Whole Smoked Chicken

A WHOLE smoked chicken?! You heard us right. This doesn't have to be for Thanksgiving, or anything more than a celebratory weekend—and we like celebrating just about everything. Plus, you can hack a simple charcoal grill to be your smoker if you don't have one.

PREP: 1 Hour. | COOK: 2 Hours. | TOTAL: 3 Hours.






STEP 1: Soak mesquite wood chips for 30-45 minutes prior to lighting grill.  

STEP 2: Coat chicken with ample amount of Schultz’s Gourmet Premium Seasoning & Rub (make sure rub gets under chicken skin). Check that all sides of the chicken are thoroughly covered.

STEP 3: Use your smoker or follow these directions for your Weber. In the grill, make two small piles of briquettes on opposite side of the grill. Once charcoals have thin layer white ash on them, add your wood chips.

STEP 4: After the wood is smoking, place chicken in between charcoal piles on cooking grate.

STEP 5: Cook until center reaches 165°F. Allow to rest for at least 10 minutes and enjoy!


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