The Trick to Easy Chicken Kebabs The Trick to Easy Chicken Kebabs

The Trick to Easy Chicken Kebabs

Summer brings excitement with it for a lot of reasons, but barbecues have to be near the top! Kebabs are an item we’ve probably all encountered (and hopefully tried!) around the grill before.

Chicken kebabs are a pretty common recipe and chances are you’ll probably have some on the grill this summer yourself. They are wonderful for small groups or crowds, but the process of making them can be pretty time consuming. The traditional method of chopping the meat into smaller chunks and then skewering each individual piece takes time. Fortunately, we’ve got an easy hack to help you cut down on that prep time so your chicken kebabs are as easy to make as they are to eat.

Adding Chicken Kebabs to the Grill

Easy Chicken Kebab Hack

For chicken kebabs we recommend using breast meat. So, grab two chicken breasts and then cut each of them in half lengthwise. Trim around the ends, if necessary. Then, place all four pieces of chicken side-by-side horizontally on an even surface. Now that the pieces of chicken are aligned carefully insert six skewers into the meat ensuring that each skewer goes through all fours pieces. Make sure to space the skewers evenly, about 3/4 to a full inch apart depending on the size of the meat. Once your skewers are in their proper places all you have left to do is cut through the chicken breasts and you’ll have six kebabs ready to go on the grill.

Preparing Chicken Kebabs for the Grill

If you do decide to make kebabs it’s always a good idea to add some color to those skewers. If you’d like to add veggies just thread them between the chicken before cutting into individual kebabs. Long vegetables like zucchini, squash, and eggplant are especially easy to incorporate and can be cut horizontally across at the same time as the chicken. Don’t let that keep you from you favorite veggies though. You can incorporate anything you want to, just make sure your skewers are long enough to hold it all together.


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