Sweet Heat Salmon Bagel Sweet Heat Salmon Bagel

Sweet Heat Salmon Bagel

Start your morning with this spicy take on a classic lox bagel. The cool creamy cream cheese is PERFECT with our Sweet Heat sauce. 


PREP — 30 Minutes 
COOK — 0 Minutes
TOTAL — 30 Minutes




• 3 tbsp. Plain Cream Cheese

•  1 tbsp. Schultz’s Gourmet Sweet Heat Hot Sauce

•  2 oz. Smoked or Cured Nova Lox Salmon

•  4 slices Red Onion

•  1 tbsp. Capers

•  Bagels, halved



1. Mix together Cream Cheese and Sweet Heat Hot Sauce in a small mixing bowl.

2. Toast bagel to desired finish

3. Spread Sweet Heat Cream Cheese mixture on top of bagel halves.

4.  Place capers on top of the Sweet Heat Cream Cheese

5. Place onion slices on top next (2 slices per bagel half).

6. Place 1oz of smoked salmon on each bagel half. Enjoy!


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