Sweet Heat Glazed Salmon Sweet Heat Glazed Salmon

Sweet Heat Glazed Salmon

You'll think you've died and gone straight to heaven when you taste this succulent, sweet, and spicy salmon dish.

PREP: 5 Min. | COOK: 10 Min. | TOTAL: 15 Min.




STEP 1: Season salmon with Schultz's Premium Seasoning & Rub.

STEP 2: Place salmon on the grill indirectly over high heat.

STEP 3: Cook 3-5 minutes each side (depending on thickness).

STEP 4: When the flakes of salmon begin to spread (a few minutes before it's finished) brush Schultz's Gourmet Sweet Heat Sauce on top of the salmon and close the lid of the grill.

STEP 5: Allow the Sweet Heat to caramelize slightly on the grill. It will begin to glaze over the filet.

STEP 6: Place on platter and drizzle remaining Sweet Heat over the fish. Serve with wild rice, asparagus, bread or salad. Enjoy!


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