Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials

Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials

Summer - the best time of the year to kick back, spend time with family & friends, and be outdoors. The best way to do that you ask? By having a BBQ party!

Whether the BBQ is with everyone you know or just a small group of family & friends, these 10 recipes are essential to making your BBQ a success! Enjoy your summer with these easy-to-make recipes that will leave your guests amazed at your cooking skills and will leave them wanting more!

1. Signature Gourmet Hot Wings

These grilled gourmet hot wings are your secret weapon for a stand apart BBQ. And pretty much everything else!

2. Signature Smokehouse Burgers

These burgers are the real deal... smokey, peppery, juicy! Top them off with all of your favorite fixings.

3. Smoked Ribs

This rib recipe is smokey, delicious, and savory! Tastes amazing with all four of our BBQ sauces!

4. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

This must-have appetizer is truly perfect for any occasion!

5. Spicy Mac &Cheese

Who doesn't love Mac & Cheese? Exactly... no one.

6. Pan-Seared Trout

You'll be back for seconds, maybe even thirds! Seared to complete perfection.

7. Green Chili Lime Fajitas

Fresh, Zesty, and Easy! These quick Green Chili Lime fajitas are a great addition to your BBQ party!

8. Whole Smoked Chicken

A classic dish with a twist of Schultz Seasoning and Rub! To die for.

9. Seasoned Seared Scallops

seasoned seared scallops... now that's a mouthful. Literally. A delicious witch up your classic "hamburger and hot dog" barbecue.

10. Sweet Heat Grilled Wings

These grilled hot wings are a crowd pleaser! A perfect blend of sweetness and heat makes these wings hard to resist.

Let us know your BBQ party traditions or classic dishes in the comments!


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