Pairing Tacos with the Right Sauce Pairing Tacos with the Right Sauce

Pairing Tacos with the Right Sauce

The right sauce can completely change the taste of any dish, and pairing two flavors together can be magic—and this is especially true of tacos and their condiments. There’s a science to matching your taco with the perfect hot sauce. Here, we offer some of our tips for creating magical taco and hot sauce combinations.

Breakfast Tacos:

Anything “Spicy” Goes

As you probably could have guessed, most hot sauces work splendidly with breakfast tacos. The spicier, the better—a little kick with your morning coffee is an energizing way to start the day. Chiles work well with the “sweet creaminess” of the egg yolk, so any breakfast dish incorporating eggs is just begging to have some chile pepper sauce drizzled on top. Schultz’s Spicy Original sauce is going to add a serious kick to any dish, but it’s absolutely perfect for breakfast foods. Consuming hot peppers at breakfast is also a great way to manage/suppress appetite, which can help you lose weight. So keep it spicy in the AM!

Schultz's Breakfast Tacos with Green Chili Lime Sauce

Fish Tacos:

Keep It Simple

When assembling a fresh fish taco, let the flavors of the fish shine through rather than dousing it in an overpoweringly spicy sauce. Sweet and spicy sauces work really with fish, whether it’s been grilled or battered and fried. Our Sweet Heat sauce is a great fit here, as the smooth balance of sweetness and spiciness doesn’t overpower the other ingredients, but also accentuates the flavor of the fish.

Schultz's Fish Tacos

Veggie Tacos:

Tart and Funky

It’s okay to get a little weird when working with off-beat vegetarian tacos. Fruit-forward sauces that incorporate red and green chile peppers, just like our Green Chili Lime sauce are perfect for veggie tacos. Habanero or ghost pepper based sauces are often too hot and tend to overpower the other ingredients. A little heat is what you’re looking for here, just enough to break a sweat, but not enough to want to drink a gallon of water.

Schultz's Veggie Tacos

Steak and Brisket Tacos:


Don’t simmer down the heat, rather add a strikingly complex flavor profile. We love using a sauce with a more vinegar-forward profile like Schultz’s Chipotle cooking sauce for brisket and steak tacos. The vinegar base helps to break down the meat, which in turn makes it more tender and flavorful. A Verde (Green) sauce is another excellent option to drizzle on bbq tacos, especially when pork makes its way onto the menu.

Schultz's Steak and Brisket Tacos

Tacos every day is an ideal we can all get behind!


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