No Grill? No Problem. No Grill? No Problem.

No Grill? No Problem.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the flavor of summer even without a grill (or a grill pan, for that matter). For the nights you’re feeling the grilling FOMO, here are plenty of recipes that will scratch the itch for summer cookout vibes.


Schultz's Oven Fried Chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce

Oven “Fried” Chicken Drumsticks with Peach BBQ Sauce

Cutting down on the fat doesn’t mean cutting out any flavor with this oven “fried” chicken, featuring a savory spice rub and a sweet, tangy peach barbecue sauce. Cooking your chicken at a high temperature in the oven means you won’t need additional oil in order to get super-crispy skin. The rub’s spices add a peppery heat and aid in developing a dark caramel color as the chicken cooks. The sweet peach barbecue makes a great match for the chicken as its sweet tanginess cuts dry rub’s the spice. The use of a fresh peach and peach preserves gives the sauce intense peachy flavor and a substantial thickness once all the ingredients are blended together.


Schultz's Blackened Grouper Sandwiches

Blackened Grouper Sandwiches with Rémoulade

Firm white fish like grouper, tilapia, and mahi-mahi are perfect for crusty sandwiches because they won’t fall apart after cooking under the broiler. “Blackened” usually refers to a generous seasoning of hearty spices like paprika and black pepper and a strong sear so that a light crust is formed. It’s ideal in sandwiches with a crusty bread and kicky rémoulade to compete with. Rémoulade is truly the condiment of your dreams—creamy, sweet, and tangy, it’ll be your go-to for dipping chicken tenders or spreading on sandwiches.


Schultz's Oven Baked Baby Back Ribs

Oven-Baked Baby Back Ribs

These baby back ribs offer classic BBQ flavor, but are made simple in the oven. Rich and perfectly tangy-sweet, the homemade barbecue sauce used for this recipe is nothing short of divine, but feel free to use your favorite bottle in a pinch. Wrapping the ribs in foil helps to keep them moist throughout the low and slow cook time, while broiling at the end gives them a deliciously crispy crust.


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