Holiday Gift Guide Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the grill lovers, foodies and home cooks in your life! 

We've made a list of some of our favorite gifts you can give to your loved ones this year! From coolers and grill accessories to meat and fish samplers, pair these gifts with any bottle of Schultz's Gourmet Sauce and we guarantee you'll be everyone's favorite this holiday season! 

Greensbury Mixed Sampler

Greensbury Mixed Sampler Gift Pack —$114.95

The perfect gift for budding home chefs! The Greensbury Mixed Sampler Gift Pack is full of a variety of healthy, flavorful protein from local farms and fisheries. The mixed sampler pack includes ground beef, wild salmon, chicken and more!

Kamado Joe Classic I

Kamado Joe Classic I — $799.99

Fire up the grill! The Kamado Joe Classic I is a great addition to your backyard for all things grilling and smoking. The Classic I has built-in features for hassle-free cooking and an adjustable 18-inch cooking surface with the 2-tier cooking System. Perfect for all levels—beginner to advanced.

Traeger Pellet Gift Set

Traeger Pellet Gift Set—$65.85

We love a little variety, especially when it comes to flavor! So, up your grill game and grab this variety bundle of flavored hardwood pellets, featuring Hickory, Apple, and Mesquite. These 100% natural hardwood pellets from Traeger, provide optimal smoke delivery, temperature, and a kick of flavor to your choicest cuts.

Rotisserie Basket

Rotisserie Grill Basket —$16.99

Roast food over an open flame for that perfectly cooked meal. This Rotisserie Grill Basket, allows for roasting of meats and vegetables that have a tough time staying skewered. Designed to work with your rotisserie, this basket gives you restaurant-style results with chicken, vegetables, ribs, burgers, or any food that would not fit on a standard rotisserie.

Meater +

Meater + —$99

The future of grilling is here! Meater + is a wireless, bluetooth thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from your phone or tablet. You’ll no longer be chained to the grill, with a 165ft range, you’ll be able to watch the big game, or catch up with family and friends without having to worry over cooking your food. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have perfectly cooked food— every time!  

Yeti Tundra 65

Yeti Tundra 65 Hard Cooler— $399

Introducing Yeti’s most versatile cooler yet! The Tundra 65 is perfect for keeping your fresh catches cold and storing the drinks and food for your backyard barbecue. This ice chest is plenty roomy and can hold just about anything, without breaking a sweat.

Barbecue Tool Set

Wusthof Outdoor 4-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set— $119.95

Each item in this four-piece barbecue tool set is thoughtfully designed for the pickiest backyard chefs. Made nonreactive stainless steel, the tools all have plastic handles that are long enough to protect from flare-ups but short enough to maintain control. 

Hudson Durable Apron

Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron — $29.99

If you are regularly grilling, you know having a good apron is the name of the game. Instead of buying inexpensive one-off aprons, invest in something that is built to last! Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Aprons are water resistant and made to take a beating! Comfortable and easy to clean, you’ll never need to buy another apron again. 

Grand Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush

Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush —$79.99

Cleaning the grill has never been so easy! Keep your grill looking brand new, year round with the Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush. It steams cleans and scrubs away your caked, burnt on grill residue with ease—which means more time spent grilling and less time spent cleaning!

Kitchen Aid Food Grinder Attachement

KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment —$39.99

Say so long to store bought burgers and sausage. Make your own meat blends for scratch made burgers, meatballs, sausage, and more with this Food Grinder attachment!

Schultz's Gourmet Sauces

Schultz's Gourmet Sauces—$4.99+

Schultz’s handcrafted sauces are the timesaving secret to liven up all your meat, fish and veggie dishes, transforming even the most basic dishes with little to no effort. With bold flavor and the right blend of seasonings our versatile sauces are designed for marinading, simmering, dipping or finishing your meals.


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