Green Chili Lime Fajitas Green Chili Lime Fajitas

Green Chili Lime Fajitas

Fresh, zesty, and easy! These quick Green Chili Lime Fajitas are a great last minute homemade weeknight dinner.


PREP — 20 Minutes 
COOK — 20 Minutes
TOTAL — 40 Minutes




•  3 Bell Peppers

•  2 Chicken Breasts or 6-8 Chicken Thighs or Top Sirloin Steak

•  1-2 Onions

•  3 tbsp. of Schultz’s Gourmet Premium Seasoning & Rub

•  ¼ Cup Flour

•  6 Tortillas, flour or corn

•  8-10 oz. of Schultz’s Gourmet Green Chili Lime Sauce

•  4 tbsp. Sour Cream



1.  Slice meat into small strips.

2.  Cover meat strips in Schultz's Gourmet Premium Seasoning & Rub

3.  Slice peppers and onions into strips.

4.  Heat 1 tbsp. Olive Oil over medium heat in a non stick pan.

5. Add peppers and onions and stir for 3-4 minutes, or until soft and fragrant. Set aside.

6. Add meat to skillet (add oil if necessary. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or until cooked through.

7. Add peppers and onions back to skillet and cook for about another minute.

8. Serve mixture on toasted tortillas with sour cream and Schultz's Gourmet Green Chili Lime sauce.


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