Turn Any One Pot Pasta Into Instant Pot Pasta Turn Any One Pot Pasta Into Instant Pot Pasta

Turn Any One Pot Pasta Into Instant Pot Pasta

Not long ago, the one-pot pasta recipe hit the digital airwaves and became an instantaneous viral sensation. The idea that you could put some basic ingredients in a pan with water and pasta and end up with dinner in about ten minutes was revolutionary, and the fact that it tasted great didn’t hurt.

The science behind why the technique is so great is simple.

Instead of cooking pasta and sauces separately and then bringing them together with the addition of some of the starch-enriched pasta cooking water, this method leaves the starch right in the sauce as it cooks, and the flavors absorb into the pasta beautifully. You end up with a glossy, flavorful sauce that coats the pasta, with flavors that belie the quick cooking method.

And if you think these one-pot dishes are easy and effective on the stovetop, wait until you try them in your multi-cooker. The beautiful part about these one-pot recipes is that the recipe already contains the right proportions of pasta to water to sauce ingredients, so there is only an adjustment needed in the cooking time and technique.

Chunky Parmesan Over Spinach Tomato and Pasta


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