Tips To Hosting Thanksgiving Virtually Tips To Hosting Thanksgiving Virtually

Tips To Hosting Thanksgiving Virtually

If you can’t travel to be with loved ones or if you’re sticking to low-risk activities as outlined by the CDC, you don't need to completely sacrifice the idea of celebrating with friends and family, you can still gather together virtually. Here are some ways to make your virtual Thanksgiving feel like you’re together, even if you're miles apart!

Coordinate Your Menus

Work with your friends and family plan at least a few similar dishes on each menu, so you can all enjoy the same meal. Think your aunt's secret casserole recipe, your family's traditional stuffing, or a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. Try to coordinate the same dinnertime, so you can “sit down” to dinner together.


If you really want to feel like you're all together, try coordinating your table decor. Agree on the same color of table cloth or placemats. If you want to go above and beyond table color schemes, try coordinating your centerpieces, choose between flowers, candles or a classic cornucopia. If you live close to each other and are simply staying separate for safety, have one family member be the designated centerpiece creator, make enough centerpieces for each household and leave them on doorsteps prior to the big day. This way, everyone's tables will look the same! 

Set A Place For The Computer

If you want to make it seem like you’re all eating together, set a place for the computer, so you can all video chat during the meal.

Get Creative With Family Traditions

If your family’s into board games, look for some of the online game options. If your whole family usually sits down for a movie after dinner, try using an extension like Netflix's Party, which allows you to chat with each other during your favorite shows and movies.  

Be Thankful

While you might be miles apart, you are still able to celebrate with your loved ones virtually. At some point, have everyone talk about what they are thankful for this year. If you have a box of family photos, pull it out! Tell your favorite stories, share your best memories, look at funny photos, and most importantly enjoy each other's company! 


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