Savory Seafood For Spring Savory Seafood For Spring

Savory Seafood For Spring

Celebrate Spring By The Sea

What we love most about the arrival of warmer weather, is that it encourages us to start changing up our cooking style! We're slowly making the switch from heavy, cozy wintertime dishes, to lighter, fresher flavors. There's no better way to celebrate spring, or start thinking about that upcoming beach vacation, than to bust out the seafood and get inspired by the Italian coast! 


Livornese-Style Snapper

Livorno is a city on the western coast of Tuscany. With Livorno being a major port right on the seaside, you can imagine much of their cuisine is seafood based! It’s said that, "Livorno’s local dishes are bold, vigorous (and sometimes spicy!) because they reflect the character of the mediterranean population that arrived primarily from Spain, Portugal, and Greece in the 1600s, escaping from legal and religious persecutions." This Livornese-style snapper follows in that flavorful tradition with the bold use of minimal ingredients, and a strong emphasis on the natural flavors of the fish! Pair with a glass of wine, a little pasta, risotto or crusty bread on the side for a meal that will make you feel like you're sitting in a small cafe on the Italian coastline. 

Livornese-Style Snapper Recipe



Paccheri with Seafood and Tomatoes 

We think Paccheri is one of the most underrated pastas out there. It looks a bit like rigatoni, but it's much larger, meaning it's absolutely perfect for catching and holding lots and lots of sauce! This recipe for Paccheri with Seafood and Tomatoes is amazing because it takes the beautiful flavors of the sea, marries them with rich tomatoes and white wine then slowly builds and layers them all together, resulting in an elevated, thoughtful and delightfully complex dish. 

Paccheri with Seafood and Tomatoes Recipe


Seafood Risotto

Seafood Risotto is the epitome of luxury. It's rich, creamy and overflowing with the most beautiful (and delicious) bounty the ocean has to offer. This dish takes a little time to make and requires a lot of patience, but once you've sat down with a glass of wine and take that first bite, you'll understand that it is well worth all the effort! 

Seafood Risotto Recipe 



Easy Cioppino 

You might be surprised to learn that Cioppino, didn't originate in Italy, but rather found its beginnings in San Francisco. The stew-like dish, was developed in the late 1800's by Italian immigrants who fished off their local Wharf. If a fisherman had an unsuccessful day and empty lines, he would walk around and ask other fisherman to chip in what they could to make a stew, be it crab, fish, muscles or clams. This Easy Cioppino recipe gives you all the flavors of a traditional cioppinio, without any hassle. Made with Pasta Jay's robust Classic Marinara, white wine and lemon, and loaded with seafood, each bite will transport you to the seaside. We guarantee you'll almost be able to feel a salty breeze blow and hear cool waves crash! 

Easy Cioppino Recipe 


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