Oven Ready Pasta Dishes Oven Ready Pasta Dishes

Oven Ready Pasta Dishes

You Can Still Use Your Oven In The Summer

While we typically like to avoid using our ovens in the warmer months, there are times when an oven-baked meal is just too good to pass up. Take oven ready pasta dishes for example– we crave these dishes year-round, regardless of the weather! And when utilizing the freshest produce of the season, who could say no to a pesto lasagna or veggie stuffed cannelloni?


Rotolo Di Spinachi

This recipe for Rotolo Di Spinaci recipe is perfect if you're looking for an easy showstopper to impress your family or dinner party guests. Delicious spinach and ricotta filling is rolled up in lasagna sheets and baked in Pasta Jay's Tomato Basil Sauce, to make for a savory vegetable forward meal.  

Rotolo Di Spinachi Recipe


Sorrento-style Cannelloni

This Sorrento-style cannelloni recipe is Italian comfort food at its best, with roasted peppers and eggplant nestled against gooey mozzarella and baked in a bed of Pasta Jay's Tomato Basil Sauce.

Sorrento-Style Cannelloni Recipe 


Lasagne alla Portofino

This Lasagne alla Portofino recipe originates from Liguria and contains layers of pasta, homemade basil pesto and a creamy béchamel sauce. Topped with extra Parmesan and some pine nuts for crunch, it's the ultimate comfort food for any season. 

Lasagne alla Portofino Recipe


Anellini al Forno

This recipe for anellini al forno hails from Sicily and is packed with the inspiring flavors of the region: salty pork sausage, savory fennel, fresh eggplant and rich tomatoes. The tiny hoop shaped anellini pasta can be substituted for any other small pasta, like stellette, pastina or ditalini.

Anellini al Forno Recipe


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