Marinara: For More Than Just Pasta Marinara: For More Than Just Pasta

Marinara: For More Than Just Pasta

Forget The Pizza and Pasta!

One of the most common pantry items in most homes is the classic jar of Tomato Sauce. Sure, dumping a jar of Marinara over pasta makes an easy dinner, but, sometimes you get stuck with the traditional uses, feeling uninspired with a jar that can literally be used in hundreds of different ways. Don't get us wrong...when we say we never get sick of pasta and pizza, we genuinely mean it. We love all things pasta and pizza! But surprisingly, dinner hardly has to be a string of pasta nights featuring just spaghetti and Marinara. Tomato sauce is a hugely versatile ingredient and can be used as the base for a wide variety of comforting pantry dinners. So next time you open the cupboard to pull out your jar of Pasta Jay's Marinara, try one of these simple, yet exciting (non-pasta, non-pizza) recipes. We promise you won’t be bored. 


Chicken Parm Sliders

Chicken Parm Sliders

These Chicken Parm Sliders make for a quick Italian-inspired dish and are perfect for parties! Pair crispy chicken, with buttery sweet rolls and the robust flavors of Pasta Jay's Classic Marinara for a delicious, filling and hassle free bite!

Recipe for Chicken Parm Sliders


Italian Meatloaf

Italian Meatloaf

Take a classic American comfort food and give it an Italian twist! This Italian Meatloaf will fill you up and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face! It's rich, hearty, full of flavor and reminiscent of everyone's favorite Italian dish–meatballs!

Recipe for Italian Meatloaf



Easy Ratatouille

We know...we know... Ratatouille isn't an Italian dish—it's French! But, we're here to prove that while Marinara is Italian and primarily used in Italian dishes, it can actually be used for so much more! So, get ready to leave your comfort zone, venture out of Italy and into France with this super easy Ratatouille recipe.

Recipe for Easy Ratatouille


Tomato Soup

Comforting Tomato Soup

Not in the mood for pasta, but need to use that jar of marinara in the pantry? We've got you covered! With this recipe you can turn your marinara into a warm, comforting, creamy bowl of Tomato Soup in just two steps and with only a few ingredients! We recommend serving with a crispy, gooey grilled cheese for dipping!

Recipe for Comforting Tomato Soup 



Ricotta and Basil Calzone

We'll be the first to admit, Calzones are kind-of, sort-of, almost pizza—but we'd argue they're way better! Not only can they contain the same toppings as your favorite pizza, but you get a mouthful of crispy, golden crust with every single bite! This Ricotta and Basil Calzone is certainly easy to make, but it's full of fresh flavor and perfect to make when you've got a little extra marinara laying around! 

Recipe for Ricotta and Basil Calzone


Shrimp Creole

Shrimp Creole

We never would have thought we'd be sharing a creole style dish because you know—Italian Cuisine and Louisiana Creole cuisine are pretty different! But, we have a passion for good food, and Shrimp Creole is just too tasty to pass up! So we've found a way to incorporate our Classic Marinara into this amazing dish. Let us be the first to say it's not a classic shrimp creole, but we think it's a pretty darn delicious take on the dish!

Recipe for Shrimp Creole  


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