Savage Talks: A Time of Remembrance and Gratitude Savage Talks: A Time of Remembrance and Gratitude

Savage Talks: A Time of Remembrance and Gratitude

Looking Forward To
A Better & Brighter 2021! 

"2021 can’t get here fast enough." Who hasn’t heard, thought, or felt this sentiment these days as we bid good riddance to the year that changed everything? How we work, how we interact with others, even how we wash our hands and clean our counters… Just name it, the pandemic changed it. While we thankfully were minimally impacted by all the calamity of the year, none of us will go out this year the same way we came in.

So in a year unlike anything we've ever experienced before, it's with great enthusiasm that we get ready to turn the page on 2020. But before we do, we wanted to simply say thank you. Thank you for entrusting us, and supporting our small business even amid a global pandemic. We've been beyond inspired by the courage of our customers, clients and colleagues, family and friends—and especially the front-line heroes that keep persisting and moving forward.

Thanks to those who reached out and connected with others… gave of themselves… opened their hearts to share… opened their ears to listen… humbled themselves to learn… understood that change is long overdue—and embraced that change starts with each of us… In short, all those who made the world a better place in 2020 through acts of kindness, large and small, we hold you in our heart.

Without 2020 and all its challenges, we would not be on the cusp of one of the world’s most momentous achievements in recent memory. The human spirit is undefeated and that’s what we remember and celebrate.

Thanks for hanging on during all of this, and let's make 2021 the best darn year ever - because you know what - it's going to be!


Best Regards,

Steve Savage
CEO + Founder


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