Savage Talks: Fall Cleaning Is Good For Your Health & Home Savage Talks: Fall Cleaning Is Good For Your Health & Home

Savage Talks: Fall Cleaning Is Good For Your Health & Home

Reasons for Fall Cleaning

Sure, the summer has sun and beach vacations, the winter has snow and sports, but fall is an especially amazing season that's often overlooked.

I welcome the fall—it's one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is the air crisper, the fall foliage beautiful, and the weather cooler, but everything is just a little bit cozier and accompanied by some of the most comforting, feel-good vibes: tailgating with family and friends, sipping hot apple cider, wearing sweaters and beanies, drinking seasonal brews, cooking Pasta Jay's spaghetti for dinner, making my annual kiteboarding trip to The Outer Banks, and sitting by the fire.

There is no doubt fall is also the beginning of the home-y season. So why not welcome it with a home that’s cozy, comforting AND clean? Before you begin to transition to spending more time indoors—especially if you’re hosting guests during the holidays—get your house super ready for increased habitation.

Fall cleaning isn’t just about tidying up on a regular schedule (though that’s good too). It’s also time to air out the house and clean it thoroughly before winter. The benefits of fall cleaning go deeper than decluttering—it’s good for the mind and your overall health, and will help you ease into the holiday season — well, easier.

The changing of seasons always has an effect on people’s health, which is why fall cleaning is so important. A good clean come autumn is essential for avoiding winter flu bugs and colds. Cleaning with a plant based disinfectant helps decrease the spread of germs and lessens the risk of illness. Make sure you're regularly wiping down frequently touched surfaces.

Cooler weather tends to force even the most adventuresome of us indoors. We turn off our air conditioners and flip on the furnace. This “closing up shop” means that all the dust and dirt we have in our homes is going to stay there unless we do something about it. By getting rid of dust that accumulates in the backs of dressers, closets and spaces in your home, not only do you gain a sense of accomplishment, but you improve your daily life and air quality.

And, a good fall cleaning paves the way for a less stressful holiday season. This is a time of year when we are even more engaged in hospitality, and it can be such a time- and sanity-saver to take a week or two to get our homes ready for visitors! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and having a messy house while trying to get ready for family gatherings and holiday parties will just make things harder. With a clean house, you’ll have more time to focus on putting up decorations, cooking big family dinners, or just enjoying holiday festivities.

So as leaves start to fly, revisit your spring cleaning list and add a few seasonal extras to prepare your house for the winter. We've got the ultimate Fall Cleaning and Organizing Checklist to get your home organized so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying pumpkin spice everything!

I'm off to clean up my garage,

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