Savage Talks: Providing A Platform For Reusability In Cleaning Savage Talks: Providing A Platform For Reusability In Cleaning

Savage Talks: Providing A Platform For Reusability In Cleaning

It seems that barely a day goes by now without a new report or statistic about the acceleration of climate change or the harmful impact humans are having on the planet, particularly with regard to our rampant reliance on plastics (which is a gigantic contributor to climate change, as plastics are made from fossil fuels).

Governments around the world are failing to speedily act in response to the climate crisis or pollution of the planet. Furthermore, many attempts at progress on a legislative level are thwarted by industry lobbyists with a vested interest in maintaining their profits.

Our use of plastics is increasingly threatening for the planet: Over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. The rate we are polluting the ocean​ ​with between 8 to 14 million tons of plastic a year, the damage we are doing to marine life and our ecosystem is becoming irreparable: by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

What's more, the recycling industry in this country is broken. Much of what consumers hope and believe will be recycled, is simply being incinerated, tossed into landfills, or is winding up in the ocean. But thankfully, there's an increased level of awareness among consumers who want to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle and it is clear that consumers are realizing the extent of this plastic predicament. And at Boulder Clean we know we have an increasingly short period of time to address it, so we've vowed to do better.

We have always devoted our efforts to cleaner homes, cleaner communities and a cleaner environment. However, for many sustainable CPG brands, the challenge is not how to formulate a better-for-the-planet product; it’s how to keep that product’s packaging out of the landfill. Our new leading mission is to provide more clean with less waste by providing a platform for reusability that works with consumers to help them transition from single-use to reusable packaging.

Thus, I'm beyond excited to announce that we've created a better cleaning system—one that’s easy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Our innovative refill system makes it effortless to clean sustainably by pairing reusable glass bottles with concentrated cleaning tablets that simply activate with tap water.

Concentrated Eco-friendly Cleaning Tablet Refills

Never again will you have to buy and toss another single-use plastic cleaning bottle! Not only does this put an end to the use-and-discard cycle of traditional ready-to-use spray cleaners, but the system is designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging used in conventional spray-cleaning products by conserving the resources required to produce and ship them.

Better-for-the planet (and your home) doesn’t stop there­. Relying on the power of plant-based ingredients, our new product line is -as always- uniquely formulated without toxic chemicals.

In addition, we are excited to announce our partnership with Plastic Oceans. Your purchase gives back! For every Refill product sold, we're making a donation to Plastic Oceans International. Plastic Oceans is working to inform about the dangers of plastic pollution, to inspire people to care about the problem empowering them to change and be a part of the solution, and to incite action on real solutions to shift the global reliance on plastic.

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