Savage Talks: Launching Plant-Based Disinfecting Wipes Savage Talks: Launching Plant-Based Disinfecting Wipes

Savage Talks: Launching Plant-Based Disinfecting Wipes

Better For You +
Better For Your Home.

In an effort to continue to help communities facing COVID-19, Boulder Clean just launched a new product as part of its Disinfecting Line– Disinfecting Wipes.

On our journey to create, formulate, and launch the disinfecting wipes we found ourselves faced with a few decisions, the biggest being— do we take the easy route to quickly get to market and make a product with the cheapest and most accessible ingredients? Or do we take our time, do the research and develop a product that is safe for both you and your home?

Sustainability, efficacy and utilizing safe, plant-based ingredients are a few of Boulder Clean’s core values. So naturally, we chose to take more time, to look at where other companies with disinfecting wipes went wrong, and identify what we could improve on while staying true to our commitments to our consumers, their homes and our planet. Because we took our time and stuck to our values we can confidently say, Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes truly rise above other leading brands, in sustainability, efficacy and safety standards.

Unlike other wipes on the market, Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes are 100% non-toxic and free from hash chemicals, like bleach, alcohol, and quats. While quats (short for quaternary ammonium compounds) are used by most leading brands, and can effectively work to disinfect surfaces, they are substantial irritants. Quats have even officially been registered by the EPA as pesticides. To put it simply, quats are cheap, easily accessible ingredients, consciously used by other brands, even though they are toxic and can be very harmful to consumer health. While Boulder Clean’s Disinfecting Wipes are solely plant-based, they are still proven to effectively kill over 99.9% of household germs, viruses & bacteria, including COVID-19– meaning they are the safest choice for you to use in your home and around your family and pets!

As always, sustainability is one of the factors we take into account when creating our products. Where other brands choose to use synthetic fibers to make their wipes, Boulder Clean has opted to use a viscose cellulose fiber, making our Disinfecting Wipes 100% biodegradable and the greenest wipe on the market!

We want you, our supporters and consumers, to make the switch to a cleaner clean and the first step is to clean with conscience! Look at the products currently in your home—read the labels, see what they're made of, are they safe for you, your home, your family and pets? Now consider how your use of those product affects our planet. Are you happy with what you're seeing? If not, we challenge you to make small changes when and where you can, even if it's a simple as ditching the chemical ridden wipes you usually buy and choosing a better wipe.


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