Savage Talks: Boulder Community-Rising Above The Ashes Savage Talks: Boulder Community-Rising Above The Ashes

Savage Talks: Boulder Community-Rising Above The Ashes

A Special Kind Of Home

Boulder County's sense of community is and has always been unprecedented. Despite it being a relatively "small town", its support system is immense. Through charitable acts -big and small- Boulder's citizens have one thing in common: selflessness. Event after event, and through the hardest of times, Boulderites continue to stand in solidarity to rise above the ashes and help each other heal.

To aid victims of the Marshall fire, $25 million has been raised, through more than 150,000 donors. Donation centers say they are "overwhelmed" with support, generosity, and physical donations to help those get back on their feet. Boulder County and community partners have opened a Disaster Assistance Center and other volunteer-based drives to help those who have lost their homes or were displaced by the fire. The Boulder County community has demonstrated the true meaning of putting others first.


Available Relief Resources

  1. To volunteer or donate funds and for emergency updates, visit

  2. To specifically donate food, bottled water, and other helpful products, email Conscious Alliance to coordinate collection at or

  3. Luke's Circle is seeking continued donations for their fundraiser on GoFundMe to raise money and provide direct assistance to families who have lost homes and need support.

  4. Donate to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund set up by The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County.

To find more available resources to aid those affected by the fire click here.


Close To Home 

From moving to Boulder when I was 12, to raising my family, and operating my business—Boulder County is my home. The Marshall fire will always be personal to me. It all happened where my family and I, and my friends live. It's my life. I know 12-15 different people who lost their homes and hundreds of people who were evacuated, including my own family.

There was really no warning that afternoon and we had to evacuate instantly. After I knew my family was safe, I hiked back to my house to grab some more belongings and do what I could to best secure my home. I was walking around our property assessing things and walked towards the two houses that are just south of ours. That's when I noticed my neighbor's backyard playset starting to catch fire. They were in Arizona at the time and were completely unaware of what was happening. The flames were getting closer and closer and started to endanger their home. I pulled out their hose and as I was spraying their water went out. I ran to their barn and found a fire extinguisher. There I was in my slippers with Covid-19, doing everything I could to save their home. Slowly the fire went out.


Giving Back: Boulder County's Got BIG Heart

From locally owned restaurants and businesses offering meals and gift cards, to volunteer-based drives—the Boulder community invariably stays strong and works tirelessly to give back to those in need. Boulder has always been bigger together, and this recent event is no exception.

To support those affected by this tragedy, 1908 Brands donated 100% of its online sales from December 31-January 2. Its brands including Boulder Clean, Pasta Jay's, and Schultz's Gourmet raised over $1,600. As well as the monetary donation, Boulder Clean has donated 8 pallets of cleaners worth $25k to Conscious Alliance to aid those who were affected.

I also personally donated 5k to DawgNation which has been matching all donations. It's a hockey foundation that supports players with medical assistance or the families of players that fall on hard times. I wanted my donation to go to local hockey players who lost their house, and help those directly affected by the fire get back on their feet either by replacing gear...or providing something as simple as pots and pans.

At least three nonprofits I know of have raised over a million dollars. I have friends with Gofund me pages that have raised over 100k just a week after the fire. This tragedy shows me that the Boulder community speaks volumes. I love Boulder, I've always loved Boulder. I could never live anywhere else because when this community needs to step up, it always steps up! No matter the time, reason, season, date, or time. You just know Boulder is a community that cares and wants to look out for each other. Boulder will always have your back.


Boulder Strong,




CEO + Founder





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